Your First Visit

At Kwon Family Dentistry we take it to heart when you chose to entrust us with your oral health. We want you to feel confident that you are receiving the most comprehensive care possible and we believe you will notice the difference with your new patient appointment. The main focus of the new patient appointment is to collect and record the critical information the dentist needs to make a thorough diagnosis.

Most of your time in this appointment will be spent with one of our highly trained hygienists. We make it a goal to take the time to explain the process to you as the appointment progresses and of course to take every opportunity to get to know you! We take pride in custom fitting each appointment to each individual. At this appointment you can expect:

A review of your health history

A conversation about any concerns or desires you have for your teeth and smile

A thorough set of x-rays taken of your teeth and bone

Gentle probing of your gums to determine their baseline health

Extra oral and intra oral screening

Occlusion (bite) classification

Intraoral photographs

A head and neck examination is done by the dentist with the support of the hygienist

Education and pointers on how to effectively do home maintenance

Cleaning of your teeth

*Fluoride treatments for prevention and Nitrous for comfort are available

While we hope to complete as much as possible during this first visit, the main focus is to accurately collect the information the dentist needs to make a comprehensive diagnosis of your oral health to establish care.

Occasionally, a second appointment will be needed for the hygienist to complete the cleaning of your teeth or for the dentist to review the findings from the appointment. We believe it is critical to take the time that is needed to do the job right so that you not only feel confident in the care you receive, but you also feel more educated and empowered concerning your own oral health.

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Can’t Remember The Last Time You Were At The Dentist?

Are you a settled adult and this is your first time to a dental office? Or has it been more years than you can remember since you have been in to see a dentist? No sweat! That is why we are here! Our team will do everything possible to make this a smooth and comfortable experience for you. On occasion, our dentist may determine that removal of plaque and tartar is necessary before the collection of clinical information is possible. In this case, a procedure called a debridement will be done on your first appointment and the rest of the new patient appointment will be completed at your second appointment. You can feel proud that you are taking the first steps toward optimal oral health and a beautiful healthy smile.

Afraid Of What The Dentist Will Find And How Much It Will Cost?

Here at Kwon Family Dentistry, we understand that each person’s goal for their teeth and smile are as unique as the person. Some wish to achieve the dream Hollywood smile, while others will seek oral care only when relief from pain is needed. Dr. Kwon is committed to providing as many treatment options as are necessary and honestly counseling on what he believes to be the best long-term solution to any problem or desire. Many different approaches to treatment planning are possible and we promise to work with you to tailor the right treatment action plan to you, whether that means staging treatment into many pieces that fit into your schedule or giving you a whole new set of teeth in one day. To make the financial costs as transparent and straightforward as possible, we also have an in-house financial coordinator. Our amazing financial coordinator can review all payment options with you to make a payment plan that works in your budget. She can also review your dental benefits plan with you. It is our goal to demystify the entire dental process so that you can be empowered to take control of your own oral health.