Veneers In Quincy, WA

Welcome to Kwon Family Dental, your home for premium veneer services in Quincy, WA. We specialize in creating beautiful smiles through high-quality composite and porcelain veneers.

Our expert team is committed to improving your oral health and enhancing your smile with our top-notch dental services. Get ready to show off a brighter, more confident smile with us!

Our Services

At Kwon Family Dental, we offer a range of dental services to improve your oral health and enhance your smile. Our services include consultation and evaluation to assess your needs, customized veneer design and preparation for a perfect fit, veneer placement and bonding for a durable result, as well as post-veneer care and maintenance instructions to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Consultation and Evaluation

Firstly, a comprehensive consultation and assessment of your oral health is carried out. Every detail of the condition of your teeth is meticulously examined to decide on the appropriate type of veneers for you.

This step is essential in confirming that the final outcome not only fulfills your aesthetic desires but also enhances dental functionality. By implementing our proficient evaluation procedure, we assure the fabrication of long-lasting dentures and a brighter smile customized exclusively for you.

Customized Veneer Design and Preparation

Taking a personalized approach to designing and preparing veneers is our specialty. Whether it’s composite or porcelain veneers, we ensure each artificial tooth perfectly aligns with your unique dental structure.

The customized process initiates by examining the shape, size, and color of your teeth meticulously using state-of-the-art dental technologies.

The next phase is preparation; an essential step towards creating gorgeous smiles. A tiny fraction of enamel gets delicately taken off from your tooth surface to accommodate the new veneer.

This guarantees you not only enjoy a whiter smile but also preserve natural oral function after procedure. But fret not – this whole process has been streamlined to be as comfortable as possible! Quality dental services are promised while placing utmost importance on comfort at every step.

Veneer Placement and Bonding

Our dental practice strongly emphasizes the use of meticulous and cutting-edge methods during veneer installation and bonding. Achieving excellence in this phase is vital for maintaining a natural appearance and comfort level.

We first carefully position the bespoke veneers onto your teeth structure. Following this, we securely fix them using an exceptional light-activated dental adhesive cement. This action guarantees that your synthetic tooth root integrates perfectly with the veneers, offering you sturdier dentures and a continuously radiant smile.

Our professional team pays extra attention during composite or porcelain veneers’ bonding process to ensure all details impeccably match your oral health needs in aesthetic dentistry.

Post-Veneer Care and Maintenance

Maintaining the appearance and durability of your veneers is crucial. To ensure their longevity, it’s important to practice proper post-veneer care. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day using a soft-bristle toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste.

Don’t forget to floss daily using gentle motions around your veneers. Avoid biting hard objects or using your teeth as tools, as this can cause damage. Lastly, schedule regular dental check-ups so the condition of your veneers can be monitored and concerns addressed promptly.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a beautiful smile for years to come.