“I’ve had a deep cleaning before, at a different dentist office, where it was painful while they were doing it and my mouth was sore afterwards. Shawn was the hygienist that did the cleaning on my teeth and hardly felt a thing during or after. Thanks Shawn for your work! Great office and staff.👏”

Kathi J

“Dr. Kwon and his team are all amazing. I felt so comfortable and relaxed during my appointment. Not your usual dental visit experience! :)”

Karen B

“Dr Kwon and his Amazing Team were hands down the BEST Experience Ever. From the gentleness to the time he set aside to make my Smile Absolutely Perfect. I will continue to recommend Dr Kwon to everyone I know. Thank you again ❤️”

Ana G

“Kwon Family Dentistry is top notch and their facility is amazing and very easy to get to! The building is new and top of the line and the staff are friendly and great to work with. Dr. Kwon is very knowledgeable and takes his time to explain all the different options. Carol the hygienist was wonderful to work with! I plan on being a customer for a long time!”

David A

“Great dentist! Had an initial cleaning by my dentist in KY and found out I needed a lot of work done, probably 4 visits worth. I was worried because I was moving to WA & didn’t know if I could find a dentist to do all the work in a limited amount of time. Dr. Kwon reviewed all of my previous x-rays, took digital photos of my teeth, and used the photos to show me what he needed to fix. He spent extra time with me and I really appreciated him explaining the procedure as we went. All my dental work was completed in 2 visits! I was thrilled. I walked away feeling like I received the best dental work. It’s been 3 months and my teeth feel great. Highly recommend! I was also happy to see kids in the waiting room. I think I found my kids’ dentist!”

Mel W

“I had a really bad toothache, and ended up needing work done. Dr. Kwon did an incredible job. His staff was very friendly. The clinic was clean and super nice. Have nothing but high praises. Definitely check out Kwon Family Dentistry in Quincy if you’re looking for a dentist.”

Hannah B

“Dr. Kwon is extremely knowledgeable and an outstanding dentist. Sean, the hygienist, always does a great job cleaning my teeth and making me laugh. The ladies in the front are always helpful and friendly. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an all around affordable, genuinely great dental office.”

Hannah O
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